Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hoover model 27 instruction booklet

Dealing with life's little annoyances has kept me from blogging. The following is an entry I had been working on a couple of weeks ago and only lacks a picture of the Hoover model 27 that lives in my basement.

In the late 1940's my parents bought a Hoover Model 27 vacuum. I was only going to show pages from the instruction manual depicting happy '40's housewives and did a little research about this particular vacuum. I wasn't able to find a complete Model 27 manual online and am including the whole thing as a reference for others.

The photos are amazing and amusing. So is the advice to vacuum every carpet every day.

The tools were >>>LOST BY MAYFLOWER VAN LINES<<< when we moved here.

I remember what a hassle it was for my mother to empty the dust bag.

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